Hello, welcome to my store.
My name is Ifunanya, I’m a Nigerian, a mom of two, a christian and an “afropreneur”

I am very passionate about  “Afropreneurship” all my ideas literally revolves around Africa. I guess that’s because I’m really passionate about creating jobs and supporting my people back home. I’m especially inspired by my upbringing in Nigeria.

My first business was probably before I turned 8 years old. I remember it just like yesterday. Growing up in Northern Nigeria, the sun was scorching, most people crave and rely on refrigerated cold water to quench their thirst. My dad specifically always ask for cold water, but my 6 elder siblings who liked cold water as well rarely ever put water in the refrigerator. Since there was so much demand for cold water in the house, I got an idea to make a business out of it. I got some water bags and I would tie water and put in the fridge. I sold them for 1 Naira each to my siblings. My mom at some point got a refrigerator lock for me to secure my water business, as my siblings sometimes access the water without payment.

Over the years, I’ve done series of businesses, like pastries, clothings, crochet braids, natural hair products etc. 

Afrothrone was born out of survival, I had just gotten married and was about moving out of Nigeria I’ve known all my life to go live in the UK with my husband. Of course I was confused on how to start my life afresh. I prayerfully started looking for a business I could do when I get to the UK, and that’s how Afrothrone came about, the business name and everything about this brand is all from God. It still baffles me that today I’m now going into other channels of businesses I had the conviction to include in my business registration that I did in Nigeria before moving. I didn’t think I would do them, I just felt an inclination to include them. All I thought I would do with Afrothrone is clothing, but today we have gone into Sheabutter, Skincare, Haircare, Braided wigs and locs all from Africa, we also have Jewelries, journals that are African inspired.

You probably can already tell that African print is one of my favourite things. I can’t completely tell my story without mentioning African print. I was literally born into it, I fell in love with African print at a pretty young age.

Growing up in Nigeria, my mom sold African print and laces to assist my dad take care of their many many children. 8 kids and a number of relatives that my parents took responsibility for as well, even if they didn’t have so much.

I learnt so much from selling in the market with my mom, I learnt how to tell good quality African print fabrics, how to negotiate. I loved calling out to passerby to come check what we have in store. All memories now, time does fly.

I’m very passionate about women empowerment and everything about my brand reflects this, from fabric sourcing to tailoring, to Shea butter and black soap sourcing etc. Women are involved.

Born and brought up in a Nigerian state which is known for growing 50% of Africa’s Sheabutter, I’m so blessed to still have my family there. I thought why not introduce people to the healing benefits of Sheabutter, authentic Shea butter unlike some inferior ones that are sold in the market today. This allows me to empower and support women in my town who makes them.

I love creating, I actually went to fashion design school to get more skills and I paired it with my skill in customer service that I had learnt in my former place of work, you can be sure that buying from us is a peace of mind. I usually do everything in my power to satisfy my customers even if I lose money doing so. You know what’s funny? I’ve actually made some good friends that now come to my house just from the shopping experience they had with me. In fact, a satisfied customer said if I’m ever in Ohio, that I can stay at her place. Amazing right? Such a kind offer. I’m blessed with the most wonderful customers.

African print will always be a part of me. I'm very happy to see the acceptance of African fashion all over the world and how it has inspired some major brands and high street brands. What a time to be alive!

I hope you find something that suits your style. If you need a shopping friend or need to chat about anything please do not hesitate to write me or start a chat.

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