Giving back to our community.

Giving back to our community.

As a brand, one of our core values is to give back to our community. Over the years we have done this in our home country Nigeria through the following ways:

  • Purchasing school supplies 
  • Women Empowerment 
  • Supporting disabled people
  • Supporting Orphans and vulnerable children.

More so, We currently support Damsy Foundation, a charity organisation in Nigeria. Their Thematic areas are very dear to our heart and through them we have been able to provide school supplies and put kids back in school. 

Through Damsy Foundation we support the following:

1. Youth Educational Development Programmes.

Damsy Foundation established Youth and Educational Development Programme (YEDP), with the aim of promoting youth development through life building skills, promotion of positive sexual behavior, adolescent reproductive health, responsible relationships, development of leadership competencies and improving life options for self-reliance.

2. Economic Empowerment Programmes.

Damsy foundation initiates Economic & Empowerment Programme (EEP) to empower marginalized and vulnerable groups through various vocational training, Entrepreneurial training, equipment and financial support for self-reliance and independent living.

3. Integrated Health Programmes.

Damsy Foundation initiates Integrated Health Programme (IHP) with the aim of alleviating the health challenges of marginalized and vulnerable groups through advocacy, health and nutritional education, free medical checkup and medication, HIV counseling and Testing Services and referrals.

4. Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programmes.

Damsy foundation initiated comprehensive OVC care. Their OVC program envisioned that these vulnerable group are cared for and protected by their family, community, LGA and State Government.

Your purchase helps us to continue to support the people in our community. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. So, thank you for your continuous support and purchases that enables us to support others.

Back to school supplies for kids  Sorting out clothes for the orphanage   Happy kids Supporting the disabled Visiting the orphanage with supplies.

Supporting pregnant women Women Empowerment. Gifting women sewing machines to start a trade.


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