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Hello, welcome to my store.

My name is Ifunanya Ibe, I’m a Nigerian, a devoted Christian and a cool mom of two, hahaha.

You probably can already tell that African wax is one of my favourite things.

I can’t completely tell my story without mentioning African wax. I was literally born into it, I fell in love with African print at a pretty young age. 

Growing up in Nigeria, my mom sold African wax to assist my dad take care of their many many children lol. 8 kids and quite a number of relatives. My parents are some generous people, that took care of their relative’s children like their own, even if they didn’t have so much.

Okay back to me lol. I learnt so much from selling in the market with my mom, I learnt how to tell good quality African wax, how to negotiate. I loved calling out to passerby to come check what we have in store. All memories now, time does fly.

I love creating, I actually went to fashion design school to get more skills and I paired it with my skill in customer service that I had learnt in my former place of work, you can be sure that buying from us is a peace of mind. I usually do everything in my power to satisfy my customers even if I lose money doing so. You know what’s funny? I’ve actually made some good friends that now come to my house just from the shopping experience they had with me. In fact, a satisfied customer said if I’m ever in Ohio, that I can stay at her place. Amazing right? Such a kind offer. I’m blessed with the most wonderful customers.

African print will always be a part of me. I'm very happy to see the acceptance of African fashion all over the world and how it has inspired some major brands and high street brands. What a time to be alive!

I hope you find something that suits your style. If you need a shopping friend or need to chat about anything please do not hesitate to write me or start a chat.

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  • Hello my Nigerian sister: just want to let you know that I am 5 feet 5 inches and I don’t want my dress sweeping on the floor. Thanks my suster

    Sylvia Francis
  • Dear Ifunanya,
    I came across your page, what a wonderful story on your background and how you started the business. I love the sense of humor too, haha. I love the designs. Wanted to know if any of your designs would be out of stock, would you make it on request perhaps? Im petite, would the size 6 be good fit? Anyway Im a fellow African, staying in London 2 yrs now and just wanted to say hi as well☺️

  • I need to tolk to you madam ifunanya

    Thank you ifunanya am kemigisha rovias from uganda and need to Whatsapp number for more information
  • Just your story alone can captivate someone yourCompassion for people and your passion for fashion is evident and your loyalty to Jesus Christ I will indeed purchase something keep sending me emails

    Lois Anderson
  • Where are you based please?


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