African wax my first love

African wax my first love

I’m loving the deep appreciation for African fashion, it's incredible to witness how it has gained global recognition, transcending race, tribe, and culture, our ancestors would be immensely proud to see how African fashion has become a global sensation. It's incredible to witness people from various races, tribes, and cultures embracing it.

My connection with African wax fabric dates back to my childhood when my mom used to sell them. Even though I was just in primary school at the time, I eagerly accompanied her to the market. I enjoyed calling out to potential customers, engaging in price negotiations, and discovering the various grades of wax. The most prized ones were the Hollandaise, reserved for special occasions, known for their longevity with proper care and often passed down through generations. My mom's personal stash was stored in a treasure box, off-limits to anyone but her, only opened for momentous events like weddings.

My mom passed on a wealth of knowledge about African wax, teaching me to distinguish real from fake and how to care for them. I'll be sharing this wisdom here too. I still seek my mom's advice for ideas and fabric choices. As they say in Nigeria, "an old soldier never dies," and my mom remains my eternal inspiration for my business. I'm grateful to have her as my mentor and guide.

Do you share an appreciation for African prints?

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