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The journey to Afrothrone

Afrothrone came about from my long time passion to start a clothing and accessory line.
I first got interested in making clothes about 6 years (2011) ago but I had no idea on how to sew. However, I got some sewing kits immediately to encourage myself to learn (I'm always fast to prepare and procrastinate later).
Two years after the decision of getting into fashion, I decided to enrol into a fashion beginners class (I already hinted that I am one to procrastinate). I only learnt how to sew skirt from that class, well, that was progress.
Few years later, I decided to go to a proper fashion school with intensive training, I can't tell you how much of a good decision that was. I started cutting and sewing only few weeks into the training. I remember my first classwork was to make a kitchen apron. I used Ankara (I've always been in love with African prints) and I ran matching colour of bias on it. I also added a front pocket, its so beautiful, I still have it. It was amazing finally being able to do what I've fallen in love with over the years. The first day I made a six piece skirt, oh what a day! what a happy day! I never can explain the joy I felt, or was it the first time I made a shirt and a trouser, I kept disturbing everyone I know, I kept taking pictures of my work and sending to family and friends. Those were some of my most exciting days.

Then I moved to London shortly after my wedding, heavily pregnant and confused about my next step in life in a completely new setting of marriage and a new city with barely no family and friends. I was always home bored and alone while my husband was away at work. I hated doing nothing, then I thought to myself or maybe a divine voice spoke to me "why not play around with creating an online shop for your clothes" I'm glad I listened to that voice because that birthed more ideas.

Sometime ago, I sold beautiful dresses to a lady here in the UK. she really liked my service and the quality of the clothes and decided she wanted to get other African products from me, she specified "African body butter or cream" then the voice came back "Fifi why dont you incorporate other African products to your store?" And that was it. 

I realised a lot of people need African products, and alot of sellers need a platform that will help them sell their products. I decided to create that platform. I'm glad I will be giving people a hassle free one stop shop for all their African needs while supporting local Artisans and small businesses, including Afrothrone.  

Africa is a land of Milk and honey and we are glad to bring you all her produce in one shop. 


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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