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How To Incorporate African Style With Western Fashion

Everyone knows that African clothes are bright and bold. If an individual walks into a room wearing an African Designed Outfit, you'll be sure to notice them. At first glance you get attracted to the beautiful designs and colors and the urge to get something just like that for yourself is always the case. 

In the West though, they’re a little more reserved; and are used to heavy fabrics like denim or wool as well as monochrome colors (well, I guess the weather is to blame right?).

This is where Afrothrone comes in and can spice up all those monochrome colors with our beautiful designs and accessories. These designs and accessories are great to include in your everyday wardrobe and will definitely enhance your style.


Daily Style

Use our head wrap to protect or cover your hair when it’s unruly, or wear it headtie as an accessory on it's own. Try pairing any of our Kimonos, Coats or Jackets with jeans or your favorite pair of corporate trouser or skirt for a pop of colour in the office, or purchase a two piece wax print set to wear over a simple plain top. 



 When it comes to jewellery, you could match African jewellery with any summer dress or skirt. 



Events and Occassions

If you’re going to a party and want to look unique especially at a wedding or a super corporate event, then you need to get a clutch bag or purse to spice up your monochrome outfit. You're aslo in luck because most of these purses or bags come with matching shoes.

The picture below showa how you can incorporate one of our Duster Jackets with a simple dinner gown or outfit.




For the men, you can get a pocket square of Ankara fabric for your lapel or even get an Ankara bow tie to give you a unique look. You'll be sure to stand out from the crowd.


There are so many ways to mix African designs with Western fashion and Afrothrone is the best place to give you all the inspiration you need. 

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