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African wax my first love

For the love of African fashion. Our ancestors must be really proud, African fashion has taken over. It’s amazing how people of all race, tribe and culture want a piece or more.

I fell in love with African wax way back as a kid, my mom sold them. She usually takes I and my siblings to the market where she sells. I was only in primary school at the time, and as much as she prefers us to go home after school, I always cry and insist to follow her to her shop. I loved to call out to potential customers passing by, I loved the price negotiations and loved that the wax have different grades. The most expensive ones are Hollandaise, they are for special occasions, they last forever with good care and are actually passed on from generation to generation. My mom had a special box where she stores her personal hollandaise, no one dares to go close to that box, it’s her treasure box. She only opens it when there is a special occasion like weddings.

I gained a lot of knowledge from my mom about African wax, she taught me how to differentiate original from fake, how to care for them etc. I will be sharing this knowledge here aswell. I still consult my mom for ideas and print choices. There is a saying in Nigeria that goes “old soldier never dies” my mom will always be my inspiration for my business. And I’m glad to have someone like her to coach and advice me. 

Are you into African prints? 

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